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Cory Mosley CSP and Mosley Automotive transform dealerships, helping single- and multi-point stores move beyond old-school tactics to embrace new-school strategies that drive customer satisfaction and retention to accelerate sales and fuel profitability.

As a go-to strategist and progressive retail expert, Cory looks beyond simple solutions (i.e., magic bullets and “shiny objects”) to help his dealer and manufacturer clients uncover – and correct – the core and often complex problems that limit their potential. Cory developed this progressive approach during a sales and consulting career that now spans more than 18 years guiding dealers in rebuilding or refining their sales operations.

In the Late 90’s

Cory started in the automotive business in the late 90’s as a teenager. During his retail career Cory held the positions of sales professional, Internet manager, BDC manager, Fleet manager, Internet Director, and General Sales Manager.

In 2005

In 2005 Cory launched the Online Sales Success Workshops and traveled the country providing educational workshops in partnership with some of the biggest companies in the industry at that time. To date over 22 workshops have been held.

In Late 2006

In November of 2006 Cory was featured on the cover of Auto Success Magazine, establishing himself as an early thought leader in the areas of e-commerce sales and progressive marketing.

In the News

Cory has been regularly published in the leading Automotive publications such as Dealer Magazine, Ward’s, Auto Success, Auto Dealer Monthly, and F&I and Showroom since 2005.


Cory has presented at every major automotive conference in the U.S. and Canada including, Digital Dealer, Ward’s Spring Training, J.D. Powers Internet Roundtable, Driving Sales Executive Summit, Trillium Auto Dealers Digital Conference.

Cory as an Advisor

Since 2007 Cory has been an adviser, strategic consultant, and curriculum provider to several marquee manufacturers including FCA, VW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz as well as Tier 1 & 2 vendors like BBDO and Urban Science..

Cory as Progressive Consultant

Cory continues to be a highly sought after keynote speaker for associations, known for delivering high energy, progressive and actionable content

Cory as an Author

In 2014 Cory published his first book, The Way I See It – thoughts, commentary, and musings of a retail car guy. Over 2 thousand copies are in circulation.

Cory as a CSP

In 2015 Cory received the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) as accredited by the National Speakers Association; a designation bestowed on less than 12% of all professional speakers in the Global Speakers Federation.

Cory as a Partner

In 2015 Cory announced an exclusive partnership with the National Association of Minority Auto Dealers and created NAMAD University, a first of its kind on-demand training system exclusively for the over 800 NAMAD member dealers.

Cory as 15x highly rated NADA speaker

15x highly rated NADA speaker on topics like e-commerce, employee retention, millennials, and crisis management.

8 commandments of mosley.


Our focus is providing value that enhances your business.


Incremental and sustainable growth is key.


Our strategies are rooted in the belief that we all need to adapt at the speed of change.


The truth about your situation, good or bad, is the foundation for change.


We believe in protecting profitability.


Vendors change coke machines, we believe in partnership.


One size does not fit all and best practices can be deceiving.


If our philosophies align, then we should do business, if they don’t then we shouldn’t.

what dealers are saying.

“Cory is a man among boys when it comes to training automotive personnel. I had the absolute pleasure of having him mentor me for a couple years at a small auto group. His teachings not only allowed me to build and grow this dealer’s first BDC, but also prepared me to coach my cars.com dealer partners years afterward. He is a gentleman, entertaining, and has a genuine sincere interest in maximizing a dealer’s productivity and bottom line. Contact me anytime to discuss Cory’s credentials. Absolutely no worries here!”

Gene Werley

“If you are looking for a high energy individual that will put you on the road to automotive e-commerce success then Cory Mosley is your man. I have always admired Cory’s passion and straight talk and he has grown to become not only a great person to do business with but also a friend.”

Todd Smith

“Mosley Automotive continues to be one of the best resources I use to keep abreast of the Automotive Internet space. Through the years, Cory and his team have taught many professionals valuable “real world” lessons, based on their collective experiences. Cory’s ability to provide both theory and practice examples in his presentations, make his sessions both enjoyable and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Cory, as a consultant, mentor, and as a friend.”

Dennis Capio
BRAM Auto Group

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