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Strategic Consulting.

Creative Dealer & OEM Strategy Solutions to Drive Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

Overcome Challenges, Identify New Opportunities

Combine your in-house team with Cory’s expertise and create a powerful business acceleration collective

One-Day Consulting Session.

A full day onsite deep dive to explore solutions to challenges or unlock new profit centers.

Project Based Consulting.

Partner with us on your project to ensure a comprehensive strategy is created and executed to maximize impact and ROI.

Strategic Growth Retainer Program.

Develop and sustain momentum with a long-term partner committed to helping you grow.

Our Specialty Areas

A commitment to help great vendors help our industry

Competitive Advantage Strategy

Dealer & OEM Market Penetration Growth Strategy


High R.O.I.
Market Strategy

“Cory is a key strategic partner, he’s supported us on a number of critical projects, all having been executed flawlessly and with an infectious enthusiasm and energy for success, that is Cory’s signature. Most recently, Cory was instrumental in helping design, launch and run a national high touch dealer consulting program. This project was quickly celebrated by our joint clients for the field and dealer adoption and also the lift in target performance metrics that followed soon after. I thoroughly recommend Cory.”

Ben Holmes, Urban Science

My experience matters for your business growth

20 years of experience working with Automotive Retailers, OEM’s and Industry Associations

Trusted by the Best Dealers, OEM’s, Vendors, and Industry Associations