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Create Record-Breaking Internet Sales In 2019

The exclusive program for Virginia Auto Dealers that provides first-class training, coaching, and competitive advantage consulting to grow Internet sales and enhance profitability for 2019!

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Present the industry-first Internet sales growth program exclusively for Virginia Dealers

Virginia Auto Dealers Association and Richmond based industry leading Automotive Sales Strategy & Training Company Mosley Automotive have partnered to bring Virginia Dealers a one-of-a-kind program to grow Internet-generated sales and protect profitability in 2019.

This program has been designed utilizing the latest technology, modern sales training techniques, and consumer marketplace data available and features 5 unique components not found in any dealership sales development program in the country.

Guarantee Your Success Online!

The Most Cost Effective & Comprehensive Program to Increase Internet Sales

Guarantee Your Success Online!

The Most Cost Effective & Comprehensive Program to Increase Internet Sales

Monthly Video Q&A Sessions

live_tvTwice per month, members will attend live video Q&A sessions with Mosley Automotive’s Cory Mosley.

question_answerYour dealerships most important and pressing strategy questions answered in real-time so your team can see immediate results.

done_allEverything is on the table; marketing, recruiting, customer objections, benchmarks, nothing is off limits.

One-on-One Coaching

callEvery member receives a monthly coaching call with a qualified and experienced Internet/ BDC sales growth strategist.

timelineThis call is unique to your dealership and completely customized for you to optimize performance including a review of your actual CRM metrics.

archiveCalls are recorded and archived in the membership portal for reference and review.

Access To Mosley 24/7™
Virtual Training, Testing, and Certification System

vpn_keyMembers and their Internet/BDC team will now have 24/7 access to hours of interactive sales training content from Cory.

playlist_add_checkTrain, test, and certify your team in the latest sales conversion and closing techniques.

phonelinkTraining is hosted on the best-in-class LightSpeed VT system and accessible across all devices.

We Are Your Partners in Selling More Cars Online

Cutting Edge Training & Development

Quarterly Live Workshops

  • As part of your membership, you can attend for no additional charge our Live Workshops in Virginia held 4 times per year.
  • These events will feature Cory and other industry subject matter experts committed to keeping you positioned at the front of the learning curve.
  • Members can take advantage of small group learning, personalized attention, and collaborate with other members to help increase sales and profitability.

New Training Released Monthly

  • Each month a new video recording will be released to all the members covering high-priority topics to help you sell more cars online.
  • Subject matter experts from our industry and beyond will help you move the needle at your dealership.
  • Topics like increasing customer engagement, effective video email process, Facebook marketing tactics, reputation management strategies, how to increase customer callbacks and appointment shows will be thoroughly covered.

User-Friendly Dashboard

equalizerWe track key metrics like lead volume, appointments set, kept, and sold directly in the ISAP dashboard and also display comparison results across the group.

compareSubmit questions for the monthly live video strategy session, listen to replays of your one-on-one coaching sessions and access the on-demand training platform Mosley 24/7.

trending_upSchedule coaching calls, review the events calendar and see how you stack up against other dealerships.

Grow, Compete, and Win Rewards

  • Through our partnership with Tango Card, members will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of performance contests.
  • Members can win gift cards to shop at their favorite brands.

Members Only Facebook Group

  • Exclusively for members only with one goal in mind, helping members sell more cars and make more money!
  • Exchange ideas and build new relationships.
Work Hard! Win Big!

The $25,000 Challenge

At the end of the year 2019, one dealership and member will be crowned Internet Dealer Of The Year” and they will take home $25k!!

About Mosley Automotive

Since 2004 Mosley Automotive has been a trusted and go-to resource for progressive Dealers, OEM’s, and Dealer Associations.

Mosley Automotive was founded by Cory Mosley, a retail “car guy” and award-winning progressive retailing expert whose strategies have increased sales and revenues for manufacturers and dealerships in the US and Canada. Learn more about Mosley Automotive.

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Mosley Automotive is the Premier Partner to Help You Sell More Cars Online!