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The Indispensable Manager.

Certification Workshop

employees don’t leave a job, they leave a manager

The honest truth is that the vast majority of dealership managers receive no formal, organized, or behavioral science backed training on how to successfully execute the position of manager beyond the task oriented aspects of the job.

Many depend on natural skills or learned disciplines from organizations like the military but most fall short in the areas of leadership, coaching, and mentorship.

It is our core belief that properly equipping managers with those 3 core skillsets will help significantly close the gap on the turn over, culture, and morale issues that currently plague the industry.

Highly effective managers create high-performing teams and those teams create record-breaking sales, deliver an outstanding customer experience, and cultivate customers who become raving fans for the dealerships they do business with.

Let us share with you how combining 20-years of automotive retail experience with modern science and psychology backed training by institutions and organizations like Harvard, Gallup, Maxwell, and Birkman can transform managers into highly effective coaches, leaders, and mentors.

The Management Growth Matrix


Our workshop will layout for managers a clear and concise highly-effective coaching strategy for keeping employees engaged and growing.


Our training will help managers re-think and reshape their approach to being seen and respected as a leader inside your dealership organization.


 Our training will offer a step-by-step framework for establishing a mentorship culture at your dealership so employee retention skyrockets.

Science + Psychology Backed Training

curriculum overview

  • Origins of Management and the Growth Matrix Deep-Dive

  • The Leadership Cultivation 7- Step Process

  • World-Class Coaching & Radical Candor Protocol

  • Creating the Team Your Customers Deserve Blueprint

  • Mastering¬† the 90-Day New Hire Process and Stay Interview

  • Gen-Y/Gen-Z Mentorship Principles Roadmap

a comprehensive on-site program

Live Instruction from Cory Mosley, CSP

Cory delivers this program live and in person guaranteeing a high-energy experience for your management team.

Workbooks & Action Plans

Our support materials are designed to provide a step-by-step walk through of our science & psychology backed training.

Employee Engagement Guides

Bring the training to life with the real world. This excercise involves playing a role that you have been assigned for the organization.

  • Anonymous Employee Engagement Survey
  • Post-Training Coaching from Car Motivators

Achieve Certification .

Get recognized for your hard work

After completing our skills and competency assessment test managers will receive recognition for their work with an official certificate of completion which memorializes their commitment to excellence in continued learning and development.

this training is designed to

Reduce Employee Turnover

Create a High-Performing Teams

Accelerate Skills Development

Increase in CSI & SSI Indexes

Improve Customer Experience

Create a High-Performing Team

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