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David Duncan

Duncan Automotive Network

“Cory gave me the courage to innovate my operations. His influence made me a better leader and has a made a positive impact on my organization. I now consider Cory a dear friend.”

Brandon Piersant

Dealer Socket

“Cory recently spoke at our 7th Annual DealerSocket User Summit and once again did an amazing job. We received lots of positive feedback from his packed session and his professionalism is top notch. At DealerSocket, we truly value our customer’s success through our events, Cory delivers next level content that our attendees can use to move the needle.”

Jason Wilson


“Cory was engaging, funny, and put things in a way that resonated with those who attended. Cory’s presentation is one of high energy and even though he had the dreaded “after lunch” spot, there were no yawns or sleepy eyes. Cory does a particularly nice job of including those who he is speaking to in the presentation itself.

In short, having Cory as a speaker is an interactive experience! One we will no doubt experience again. Thanks again for some great content and a most memorable session!”

Cliff Banks

Banks Media Enterprises

“I’ve known Cory for 13 years. He’s a consultant who’s actually done the hard work at the dealership. He brings a level of professionalism, passion, and realism with his training that is so often lacking in the automotive retail space. The guy knows how to get results…he knows how to help a dealership improve operations and drive sales.”

Matt Redden

Dealer Socket 

“With thousands of dealerships using our CRM software, we are big believers in training and processes. I have known Cory for 9 years now and Cory is a great asset to all the dealerships we work together on. After analyzing the strengths and areas of opportunity with in a department, he creates tailored processes and a training curriculum to improve these areas. I endorse Cory Mosley, but his track record speaks for itself.”

Todd Smith

360 Converge

“If you are looking for a high energy individual that will put you on the road to automotive e-commerce success then Cory Mosley is your man. I have always admired Cory’s passion and straight talk and he has grown to become not only a great person to do business with but also a friend.”

Diane Anderson

Stoops Buick GMC

“I was first “introduced” to Cory at the second Digital Dealer Conference where he was a session speaker (2006 I believe). I was SO impressed with his presentation and ideas for improving BDC performance that I have kept in contact with him since that time. I have followed Cory’s career as a trainer and author; he has an impressive command of not only technology but BDC / sales processes in the automotive marketplace. Cory is also one of those rare professionals who truly wants to help others succeed. Simply put, Cory is a consummate professional.”


Steve Finlay

Ward’s Dealer Business

“Cory is a gifted speaker. His presentations are enlightening and entertaining.”

James Apistolas

The North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc.

“I hired Cory to be a conference workshop speaker while working at NADA and also while working at The Digital Dealer Conference. In both instances I found him to be a pleasure to work with and more importantly, an amazingly engaging speaker. In addition, he’s a true subject matter expert and knows how to connect to an audience.”


Craig Lee

Cox Automotive

“Cory is a skilled speaker and writer so, when he has a seminar in your area you should run to it! He’ s spent many years in the automotive business and he is well aware of the many successes and failures that take place in dealerships as he has written published articles on these and other topics. Cory is adept at identifying dealership challenges and then using a common sense approach, he overcomes them. He does this all with forethought, kindness and respect and makes it all look easy. I’ve known Cory Mosley for quite a few years and I highly recommend him. He would be an asset to any organization.”

Michael Baker

Baker Automotive Group

“All recommendations and accolades regarding Cory from astute immersed internet collegues in the Auto industry I concur with 100%. As a Dealer for 25 years and astute and passionate along with a current consultant in the digital realm, Cory is simply outstanding in knowledge, applicational processes and a great presenter.”

Gregory Arroyo

Bobit Business Media

“Cory is not only a dynamic speaker, but a dynamic writer as well. His ability to pen a conversational read makes grasping his lessons about automotive retailing an easy thing to do. I enjoy editing his columns and my readers enjoy picking him up every month.”


Andrew Difeo

Hyundai of St. Augustine

“Cory brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when it comes to the retail automotive industry. He has a solid base of fundamentals of the business, as well as expertise when it comes to marketing and selling cars on the Internet. His high level of energy and positive attitude make his consulting sessions fun and informative.”

Jeff Clark


“Having worked with many consultants in the automotive space Cory Mosley is truly one of those that is at the very top of the list of professionals I have enjoyed working with.
He is professional and polished in every respect. Talented in many ways with practical knowledge, not to mention real world experience that makes him a real value add to any company looking to expand its internet operations or knowledge.  I would be glad to work with Cory on any number of projects.”


Mark Dubis


“I first worked with Cory when he submitted articles to Digital Dealer magazine. His articles were always clear and focused on providing real value for the readers and often gave them actionable tips to improve their performance in the dealership. As a veteran of the dealership environment he knows firsthand what it takes to succeed. He is clearly one of the top professional trainers and consultants in the industry.”

Ann Shallcross

Forrest & Blake, Inc.

“Besides Cory’s fabulous personality, he demonstrates professionalism and brings to the table devotion and motivation on any project. He is up front and a no-nonsense professional in every sense of the word.”

Brian Hoecht

North York Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat

“No-nonsense, entertaining, thought-leader: These are the words that immediately come to mind when I think about my experience with Cory in the field of Internet training for car dealers. No way you go to one of Cory’s speeches or hire him for process review in your dealership and don’t get your money’s worth. When good-enough isn’t any more, hire Cory.”

Jack Behar

Founder & CEO

“Cory is the one of the finest trainers that I know. He is well respected by the Dealer’s he has worked with and well versed in the Automotive industry. He is a true asset to any company that needs professional sales training.”

Paul Jimenez

Shift Digital

“Cory is a true expert in his field. He is a professional who consistantly produces results for his clients. I have had the pleasure of working with Cory and his organization on many occcasions over the past 5 years and have always been impressed with his weatlh of knowledge and his skills as a speaker, a trainer and a partner in the success of his clients. I would highly recomend Cory Mosley and Mosely Automotive to any dealer looking to take thier busines to the next level.”

Michael Porro

Honda World Louisville

“One conference call with you and reading your book my numbers have gone up, and I’ve been bragging and referring you ever since.”

Liz Fleming


“Cory Mosley is an exceptionally professional and outgoing speaker who can detail his programs to fit a variety of industries and organizations. His enthusiasm and sense of business management provide a positive environment for attendees. We recommend Cory for highly attended events/groups.”

Ben Holmes

Urban Science

“Cory is a key strategic partner, he’s supported us on a number of critical projects, all having been executed flawlessly and with an infectious enthusiasm and energy for success, that is Cory’s signature. Most recently, Cory was instrumental in helping design, launch and run a national high touch dealer consulting program. This project was quickly celebrated by our joint clients for the field and dealer adoption and also the lift in target performance metrics that followed soon after. I thoroughly recommend Cory and his team.”

April Rain

Fox Dealer

“I had the pleasure of working with Cory on an OEM account and got to see first hand why Cory has the incredible reputation for being a valued Consultant & Trainer. I appreciated the opportunity to learn from his expertise in marketing, process and sales effectiveness. I highly recommend Cory and within minutes of meeting him, you’ll see why.”

Gene Werley


“Cory is a man among boys when it comes to training automotive personnel. I had the absolute pleasure of having him mentor me for a couple years at a small auto group. His teachings not only allowed me to build and grow this dealer’s first BDC, but also prepared me to coach my cars.com dealer partners years afterward. He is a gentleman, entertaining, and has a genuine sincere interest in maximizing a dealer’s productivity and bottom line. Contact me anytime to discuss Cory’s credentials. Absolutely no worries here!”

Dennis Capio

BRAM Auto Group

“Mosley Automotive continues to be one of the best resources I use to keep abreast of the Automotive Internet space. Through the years, Cory and his team have taught many professionals valuable “real world” lessons, based on their collective experiences. Cory’s ability to provide both theory and practice examples in his presentations, make his sessions both enjoyable and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Cory, as a consultant, mentor, and as a friend.”

Damon Lester

President at NAMAD

“Cory, is a dynamic and energetic trainer who uses practical experience to increase day to day profitability.”


Jim Leman

Industry Writer

“Cory knows his material, from hands-on experience and from observing and studying the industry and marketplace. He is an innovative thinker and engaging trainer and speaker, helping dealerships improve the results from their digital marketing investments.”

Daniel Hill

Transcend Creative Group

“Cory Mosley is among the best internet trainers in the business today. His “new school” approach to developing internet sales is spot on. I had the good fortune to work with Cory on the development of an internet training course for an OEM several years ago which was very successful. I am looking forward to our next opportunity to collaborate on a project.”

Frank Jarosz

Peoria Nissan

“We used Cory’s company to get our Internet department up to speed and he provided us with everything we needed.”


William Miller

ASE Americas

“Cory is an expert dealership internet trainer. He brings the dealership the expertise, process and discipline that it takes to optimize and turn their internet leads into sales. I would use Cory again.”


Mike Parson

Laser Stream Video

“Cory knows the automotive industry inside and out. Combine that knowledge with his integrity, engaging training techniques, marketing savvy and proven Internet Sales Strategies, and you have one powerhouse of a trainer.
Even if you’re not looking for a trainer today, you owe it to yourself to have a conversation with Cory Mosley. Put him in your Rolodex today, your dealership tomorrow, and you’ll put him top of your “Thank You” list for years to come.”


Cheryl Hartung


“I would recommend Cory to all auto dealerships. I have went to many of his workshops and listened to his webinars. I have always learned alot from him and I think others could also. He is one of a kind and his skills and knowledge and also his presentations go far beyond anyone else in his business. He has definitely helped me in my BDC department for many years. If you have the opportunity to meet and work with him it will definitely be worth your while.

Thank you Cory and keep up the great work
Cheryl Hartung, Wayne Ford BDC Manager”

Ralph Ebersole

Sales, Marketing, Training & Operations Leader

“Cory Mosley is the an outstanding Automotive Consultant. He has not only one of the best stage presence in the industry, he also understands the inner workings of dealers, OEM’s and consumers. Corey is an expert at helping dealers improve their processes to sell more vehicles and increase profitability. He also has a knack to work with and involve audiences in presentations. I would recommend Corey to any business or individual who wishes to improve their processes, sales and profitability. By the way, he is genuinely a good person, too. That’s hard to find these days.”


Ray Fenster

In the Que

“Cory is one of the best consultants in the automotive arena. His know on how to handle the lead process is second to none and his coaching brings the consultant to another level. I would have no hesitation to recommend Cory as a trainer, coach or mentor for any dealership. In addition to being one of the best his communication skills and personality make it a pleasure to work with him.”


Elliott Bourne

Koons Mazda Silver Spring

“Corey Mosley has distinguished himself as one of the most respected professionals in the automotive industry. Mr. Mosley has strongly demonstrated the ability to recognize and analyze current market trends and develop game changing solutions that has allowed me to achieve success in the automotive industry. I hold Mr. Mosley in the highest regard and recommend him without reservation.”


Vic Turselli

Autoweb, Inc

“I have known and worked with Corey Mosely for over 6 years. From his day as a top notch Internet Director at one of the top Automotive Dealer groups in the industry to the founding of his consulting firm. He is the total expert in regards to e-commerce process implementation at the dealership level. Understanding the dealership as well as the consumer and putting it all together.
Cory always brings something new and innovative to the table.”