Dealer Consulting

We have specialized in helping automotive dealers sell more cars since 2004. We achieve this by strengthening processes, improving customer communications, providing progressive training, and being there along the way consulting and coaching our dealers to achieve success.

Dealer Consulting

Helping Dealers Become More Progressive & Profitable Since 2004

After working with dealerships for almost 15 years, we know one size doesn’t fit all. Our approach to dealership consulting revolves around combining winning strategies that match the culture and market of our clients.

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CRM Process

Employee Retention

eMail Communication Strategy

Team building

Vendor Performance Reviews

Phone & Email Engagement Training

Follow Up Workflows

Effective Coaching Strategies

ROI & Expense Reduction

New-School Virtual Training

On-demand dealership training, testing, and certification

Mosley 24/7™ teaches and empowers sales professionals and managers to achieve sustainable sales growth. Our new-school approach is based on the needs of today’s consumer. Learn more below and take action now to get started with Mosley 24/7™ today!

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Sales Psychology

Internet Sales

Word Tracks


Mastering Follow-Up


Buyer Personalities

How To Sell To Gen-Y


Customer Engagement

Self Branding

New-School Phone Skills

Creating a Referral Machine

Sales Meeting Videos

That which gets measured tends to improve, but more importantly, sometimes you can’t see the picture when you are in the frame. Progressive dealers are utilizing our unique analysis and action plan methodology to identify key areas where sales can be increased in their Internet & BDC departments.

customized analysis.

On-Site Evaluation

Our team visits your dealership to get immersed in your culture and meet your team.

Data Collection & Analysis

We go through our KPI and touch point list to start a deep dive into your sales process, systems, and methodology.

Customized Action Plan

We deliver a customized process improvement action plan based on two decades of experience helping dealers sell more cars.

On-Site Evaluation

Our team will visit yo.ur showroom or office sapce to analyse your working behaviour.

Data Collection & Analysis

Our team will visit yo.ur showroom or office sapce to analyse your working behaviour.

Customized Action Plan

Our team will visit yo.ur showroom or office sapce to analyse your working behaviour.

what we target.

CRM Process

Human Capital

Vendor R.O.I.

KPI Metrics

Sales Strategy

Dealership Culture

the industry is talking.

“I had the pleasure of working with Cory on an OEM account and got to see first hand why Cory has the incredible reputation for being a valued Consultant & Trainer. I appreciated the opportunity to learn from his expertise in marketing, process and sales effectiveness. I highly recommend Cory and within minutes of meeting him, you’ll see why.”

April Rain
Digital Rain Inc.

“One conference call with you and reading your book my numbers have gone up, and I’ve been bragging and referring you ever since.”

Michael Porro
Honda World Louisville

“With thousands of dealerships using our CRM software, we are big believers in training and processes. I have known Cory for 9 years now and Cory is a great asset to all the dealerships we work together on. After analyzing the strengths and areas of opportunity with in a department, he creates tailored processes and a training curriculum to improve these areas. I endorse Cory Mosley, but his track record speaks for itself.

Matt Redden
DealerSocke Inc.