Progressive Retail

with Cory Mosley


Joe Oliveri

Episode: 47


Mike Phillips

Episode: 45


Mike Rizk

Episode: 44


Delatorro McNeal

Episode: 43


Dr. Willie Jolley

Episode: 42


Michelle Denogean of Roadster

Episode: 41


Christian Ferrer of DemandLocal

Episode: 40


Shaka Dyson from Dealer F&I University

Episode: 39


Rico Glover from Bryan Honda

Episode: 38


5 Things That Inhibit Engagement With Your Customers

Episode: 37


Ego & Arrogance

Episode: 36


C.A.P.I. Method

Episode: 35


Competitive Analysis

Episode: 34


The Me+3 Rule

Episode: 33


Text-Based Leads

Episode: 32


Timothy Brock of Client ConneXion

Episode: 31


Brian Archey from

Episode: 30


Stephane Ferri from Cox Automotive

Episode: 29


First Impression

Episode: 28


Bruce O’Brien From SpinCar

Episode: 27


Accenture Study

Episode: 26


Training Circle

Episode: 25


Marketing Circle

Episode: 24


Execution Circle

Episode: 23


Coaching Circle

Episode: 22


Team Circle

Episode: 21


Engagement Circle

Episode: 20


High Profit Circle

Episode: 19


Internet Sales Rapid Assessment

Episode: 18


NADA Workforce Study Results

Episode: 17


Dealership Action Report Results

Episode: 16


How To Succeed With Follow-Up

Episode: 15


Josh Pope from Urban Science

Episode: 14


Kerrie Wise from TrueCar

Episode: 13


Maximizing Your CRM

Episode: 12


Influencing Customers

Episode: 11


Fear Of Being First

Episode: 10


Phone & Email Engagement

Episode: 9


Employee Retention

Episode: 8


Your Customer’s Website Experience

Episode: 7


Crisis Management In A Social Media World

Episode: 6


Increase Sales Through Reviews

Episode: 5


Used Cars Sales Growing Importance

Episode: 4


The Mysteries of Branding With Paul Potratz

Episode: 3


The Importance of Reputation Management

Episode: 2


What’s Your Customer’s Experience?

Episode: 1

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